What we do

We are a small company who are proud to say that all our pallets are refurbished or manufactured by hand. We believe that hand making the pallets gives more opportunities to check the quality of work and results in a better product than machine made pallets.

We carry out all deliveries or collections using our own staff and vehicles and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We have longstanding relationships with many of our customers and much of our new business is through customer recommendation.

Using our own on-site kilns we are accredited to offer a heat treatment service to industry standard ISPM 15. Our kilns also have the capability to kiln dry timber.

We strive to be environmentally mindful and have invested in a pallet disassembler which we imported from America. This machine can strip down pallets and from this reclaimed material we can make a reconditioned pallet to a customer's own specification. This is eco friendly and is also more cost effective.

Provided we can re-use them, we will collect surplus pallets from your business. Please contact us to discuss this possibility.